Legorcicli - The Porreca XCR

Once again, its the first of its kind. When the customer requests for it, you bug the frame maker to do it irregardlessly. This is the case for the Porreca Roadracer. 

Mattia Paganotti is the owner and founder of Legorcicli. We first made contact via the director of Pacific and Co who introduced Mattia to me. Mattia was looking for a SEA counterpart to expand his business. 

After a few correspondences with Mattia via email, I gotta know that he is an ambitious and passionate guy who loves riding more than anything else. Not known to many, he was a young apprentice of Dario Pegoretti and often send his drawings to Dario for "vetting".

He knows that even though he might be skilful in his work, it's often safer to get some advice or "proofing" from the late Dario himself. I found him interesting and decided to work with Mattia to make the first Legorcicli.

To cut the long story short, the whole process took about 1 year - 3 months of finding a right customer, 7 months of waiting for the exclusive XCR tubes and another 2 months of doing a custom paint job that's ONE OF A KIND for the customer.

This was a CUSTOM CUSTOM bike. Custom geometry and Custom Tubings [specifically XCR tubings] which was going against Mattia's personal preference of his own special Spirit tubings. I forced him to do so because the customer was paying. =p

When i sent him the customer's bike fit, which was fitted to a No22 Reactor, he was unimpressed by it and he said he will make changes to the bike fit because American bikes suck. haha. That's just the blood of every italian I guess?

The Porreca Roadracer is sorta the type of modern steel road bike, bigger headset and also not the traditional BSA BB, but this bike was fitted with a Chris King T47 BB, which was said to be stiffer.

The full bike set up was fairly straightforward:

Full Enve: handlebar, stem, seat post and wheels.

Groupset: Shimano DA 9100 Mechanical

The italians always take pride in the geometry of their bikes, it has to be horizontal TT.

Mattia's very own signature on the top tube of every bike he made. 

Chris King T47 was fitted onto the Porreca.

This one of a kind paint job took 2 weeks to be completed, and came with a whooping 750 euros with it!

So recently, there was an American brand that has some speed in it tried to copy the paint job, and I would say that they did it pretty close enough, but hey where's the originality? Well they say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, we'll leave it as that.

The owner actually love this bike a lot because it was almost like an art piece, he was so cautious and only brought it out for very casual rides. However, recently, someone borrowed and crashed it by accident. So whatever you see in these pictures could certainly be the last of it all!