Tsubasa Bicycles - The Crow

When we first saw Tsubasa Bicycles on instagram, it immediately caught our attention. Its one of a kind, resin coated finishing of the bike had a really raw look which makes the bike stand out among the rest, it's not the traditional bespoke bike you see around.

We had the opportunity to meet Edvis, the founder and owner of www.tsubasabicycles.com in London in his small humble workshop somewhere off the outskirts of the city. 

After a long conversation, we found out how he founded Tsubasa which actually means "wing" in Japanese. Turns out that it is his wife, who of course is a Japanese who gave him the inspiration. Edvis is a down-to-earth and humble person who is passionate about crafting out a bike that isn't custom built, but SPIRIT built. 

He believes that the bikes he create is to enable people to be at their very best at all times using the best materials to build an uncompromisingly fast bike and one that fits the rider. Edvis gave up his previous job as an architect and engineer to pursue his dream of crafting bespoke bikes for people. 

With a background as such, one can only expect meticulous details from the hands from the creator if you decide to engage Edvis to build a bike frame for you.

By the end of the conversation, we made a deal and we set out to build the first Tsubasa Bicycle for Indonesia. 

Tsubasa Bicycle - The Crow

Size 49cm Frameset: The Crow 

Groupset: SRAM Etap

Handlebar: Schmolke TLO

Seatpost: Schmolke TLO

Stem: Extralite

Brakes: EE brakes

Crankset: Infocrank M30

Wheelset: Schmolke TLO

Custom Saddle Fizik Arione VS (Busyman Japanese Wave design)

Total weight: 7.2kg

Special Paint colour: Lamborghini Blu Cepheus

Custom saddle by Busyman Bicycles


Keeping the bike clean with minimal design and paint job. 

One of its kind resin raw finishing (optional to choose with gloss or matt)

Custom geometry + custom according to customer's riding style. (This bike was built to ride like the Specialised Tarmac SL6)

Building your own bespoke bike also means you get to choose your favourite cockpit: Enve, MCFK, Schmolke, Extralite Beast Components etc. 

" The Crow is very responsive when I need to accelerate or climb steeper gradients of the mountains in Malang but yet, it is very comfortable on the saddle for long distance riding." - Daniel Bom2 


Tsubasa Bicycles offers 2 models - The Crow or The Bee. If you are interested, drop us an email to: contact@therideidentity.com. Alternatively, you can drop us a DM on  our instagram handle: @therideidentity